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Breaking preconceived paradigms
The Leader, February 2016
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Whittle optimisation study works wonders at Condor Gold’s La India project
ProactiveInvestors, October 2015  
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Condor Gold’s latest study shows La India upside, says CEO Mark Child
ProactiveInvestors Stocktube, October 2015
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The Contingency Plan: How to Focus on Surviving Until the Next Price Run Up
Richard Peevers, July 2015
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Underground Mine Optimisation – The Whittle Consulting “MONEY MINING” approach
Gerald Whittle, June 2015  View Document (PDF)

Rumbo Minero Magazine, July 2014
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SPANISH ARTICLE: Optimización Empresarial: Solución estratégica para mejorar el negocio minero
Revista Minería Chilena
June 2014
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Whittling Away The Waste
Mining Magazine, Ailbhe Goodbody, June 2014
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Business Optimisation Firm Urges Holistic, Sustainable Plans For Mining Operations
Mining Weekly, Chantelle Kotze, May 2014
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International Mining Technology Hall of Fame – Toasting The Technology Innovators
International Mining Magazine, May 2014
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SPANISH ARTICLE: Presentan enfoque de optimizacion empresarial
MINERÍA Magazine – Institute of Mining Engineers Peru, May 2014
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SPANISH ARTICLE: Whittle presenta solucion que optimiza hasta 35% valor de mineras
MINERÍA Magazine – Institute of Mining Engineers Peru, March 2014
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The business of mining is business, not mining
Mining News Premium, October 2013
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Gold Extraction, Midas Mission
International Mining, May 2013
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No Illusions
CIM Magazine, Vol. 8, No. 3, pages 66-71, May 2013 issue
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What is Enterprise Optimisation?
Hong Kong Energy & Minerals United Association, 13th May 2013
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Whittle carves out savings with a new software
Mining Business Media, 15th April 2013
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Alpha Performance & Reward, Issue 12
KBA Consulting Group, 16 April 2013
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Bloomberg Industries to launch mine valuation model
The Globe and Mail, March 2013
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Jeff Whittle says his algorithm can help boost cashflow of mines
The Australian, 17 December 2012
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Jeff Whittle announced finalist in The Australian Innovation Challenge
The Australian, 27 October 2012
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Money Mining Intelligence
The Asia Miner, January 2012
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Whittle Consulting – “Money Mining” seminar – the power to revolutionise mining sector valuations
Fairfax, December 2011
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Whittle Consulting – A unique approach to optimising project value and cash flow return
Fairfax, November 2011
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Whittle’s transition from software to consultancy
AJM, August 2011
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Gold’s Great Divide
High Grade, July 2011
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Management vs Analysts
High Grade, January 2011
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Plenty Of Room For Optimisation
High Grade, April 2010
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Whittle Expands Into Africa
Mining News, April 2010  
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Whittle Firm Targets Big Opening
High Grade, May 2009
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Ausenco Aligns with Whittle Consulting
Mining News Premium, May 2009
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Most Outstanding Contribution to Mining Category
Australian Mining, June 2008
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Mining Thanks A Legend
Mining Australia, September 2007
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Jeff Whittle Nominated
Mining Australia, September 2007
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Maximising Reserves
Gerald Whittle, July 2007
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Opportunities for Improving the Planning Process
AJM, April 2006
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Leading developer takes its brand to next level
Resource Stocks, May 2001
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A New Era for the Strategic Mine Planning Process
AMM, October 2001
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Application of Enterprise Optimisation Considering Green Gold Technologies Pte Ltd.’s ReCYN™ process
Gerald Whittle & Jason Pan, Whittle Consulting, June 2018
View Document (PDF)

Application of Enterprise Optimisation Considering Ultra High Intensity Blasting Strategies
Stewart Howe & Jason Pan, Whittle Consulting, April 2018
View Document (PDF)

Whittle Consulting ShovelSense™ Economic Assessment
N.Redwood, Whittle Consulting for: MineSense, April 2018
View Document (PDF)

Autonomous Haulage Systems Financial Model Assessment
N.Redwood, Whittle Consulting for: Mining Technicians Group Australia, February 2018
View Document (PDF)

GEOVIA Whittle Simultaneous Optimisation White Paper
D. Place, G. Whittle and N. Baxter, June 2017
View Document (PDF)

Edge Protector Financial Assessment
Report by Nick Redwood, Whittle Consulting (Edge Protector – product by Safescape), August 2016
View Document (PDF)

Application of Enterprise Optimisation Considering Grade Engineering® Strategies
N.Redwood, Whittle Consulting and M.Scott, CRC Ore July 2016
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Enterprise Optimisation Case Study: PanAust’s Inca Oro Project, Chile
October 2015
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A simultaneous mining & mineral processing optimisation and sustainability evaluation prepared during the Ivanhoe Platreef prefeasibility study
The Southern African Institute of Mining & Metallurgy – Mining Business Optimisation Conference, March 2015
S.Burks, C.Wolahan, and M.Jones
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Enterprise Optimisation Case Study: ITM Coal Operations, Indonesia
February 2015
View Document (PDF)

Enterprise Optimization Case Study: PanAust’s Inca de Oro Project, Chile
May 2014
View Document (PDF)

Enterprise Optimization and Grind-Throughput-Recovery for the Avanti Kitsault Project

Gerald Whittle & Richard Peevers, Presentation at SME National Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, February 2014
View Document (PDF)

Enterprise Optimization for Mining Businesses
Richard Peevers, Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) Annual Conference, June 2013
View Document (PDF)

Enterprise Optimisation of SEMAFO’s Mana Gold Mining Operations – Burkina Faso
Richard Peevers, May 2013
View Document (PDF)

Case Studies of Simultaneous Mining & Mineral Processing Optimization Applied to Platinum & Nickel Operations
Steve Burks, The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Platinum Conference – September 2012
View Document (PDF)

Enterprise Optimisation
Gerald Whittle, MPES Conference – December 2010
View Document (PDF)

Simultaneous Mining & Mineral Processing Enterprise Optimization for the Platinum Industry
Gerald Whittle & Steve Burks, presented at The 4th International Platinum Conference – October 2010
View Document (PDF)

Misguided Objectives That Destroy Value
The Orebody Modelling & Strategic Mine Planning Conference – March 2009
View Document (PDF)

Cut-off Grade Optimisation
Gerald Whittle, Jeff Whittle – February 2007
View Document (PDF)

Optimising Project Value and Robustness
Gerald Whittle, Wayne Stange and Norm Hanson, AusIMM Project Evaluation – June 2007
View Document (PDF)

Global Long-Term Optimisation of Very Large Mining Complexes
Jeff Whittle, Gerald Whittle – June 2007
View Document (PDF)

Blending Numerous Feeds for Optimum Autoclave Throughput – Miners working with Metallurgists
Mark Laing, Gerald Whittle – August 2005
View Document (PDF)

Global Asset Optimisation
Gerald Whittle, Orebody Modelling and Strategic Mine Planning Symposium – November 2004 Perth
View Document (PDF)

Complete Directory of papers from the “Optimising with Whittle” 1995, 1997 & 1999 Conferences
View Directory

Press Releases

Mining industry icon honored for service to the IT sector & the mining industry
7 May 2018
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Amarillo Gold engages Whittle Consulting for Mara Rosa Gold Project Optimisation Study
2 Feb 2018
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Jeff Whittle awarded Order of Australia
30 Jan 2018
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CSA Global and Whittle Consulting announce partnership agreement
13 Dec 2017
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Whittle Consulting eNEWSletter,
Dec 2016
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Safescape wins best presentation award at AusIMM OPO Conference,
6 Dec 2016
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Whittle Consulting broadens its “Integrated Strategic Planning” service offering,
29 November 2016
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Rob Marsden joins Whittle Consulting as Manager for UK/Europe based in London,
25 November 2016
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Whittle Consulting & Dassault Systèmes collaborate for GEOVIA Whittle 4.7 Advanced software release,
24 November 2016
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Philip Bangerter joins Whittle Consulting as GM Australasia,
21 November 2016
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Advisian & Whittle Consulting form alliance agreement for Sub Sahara Africa,
17 November 2016
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Mike Mutchler joins Whittle Consulting as Partner and Advisory Board Member,
15 November 2016
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Application of Enterprise Optimisation Considering Grade Engineering® Strategies
5 September 2016
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Largo announces significant increase in Maracás Project Mineral Reserves and Updated Mine Plan
26 May 2016
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Condor Gold Press Release – Whittle Consulting’s Optimisation Study Significantly Enhances Economics

22 Jan 2016
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Whittle Consulting’s Optimisation Study Significantly Enhances Economics
Nicaragua, 20 Oct 2015
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Whittle Consulting signs contract with Largo Resources to undertake Enterprise Optimisation on Largo’s Maracas Menchen mine
Brazil, 4 June 2015
View Document (PDF)

Ivanhoe Mines Press Release – Ivanhoe Mines releases positive results of independent PFS study
Whittle Consulting features pages 1 & 13, 8 Jan 2015
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Whittle Consulting presents Enterprise Optimisation to mining executives in Lima
9 Dec 2014
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Whittle Consulting Embraces Sustainability
10 Dec 2013
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Jeff Whittle to be inducted into the International Mining Technology Hall of Fame
26 Nov 2013
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PM Office & Whittle Consulting Announce Collaboration Agreement
25 Nov 2013
View Document (English PDF) View Document (Spanish PDF)

Avanti Mining Further Optimizes Kitsault Feasibility Study
Includes detail on engagement of Whittle Consulting to undertake optimization studies, 14 Nov 2013
View Document (External Link)

PwC and Whittle Consulting focus on mining productivity and economic performance
2 September 2013
View Document (PDF)

New Whittle Consulting software increases mining NPV by 5% to 35%, or substantially more

3 April 2013
View Document (PDF)

JKTech and Whittle Consulting announce alliance
1 March 2013
View Document (PDF)

Whittle Consulting establishes Latin American base
20 February 2013
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Volta Resources Announces Robust Pre-Feasibility Study
Includes detail on engagement of Whittle Consulting to undertake optimization studies
3 May 2012
View Document (External Link)

Whittle Consulting (Africa) reports successful completion of Enterprise Optimisation study for Anglo Platinum’s Mogalakwena operation
3 August 2011 
View Document (PDF)

Whittle Consulting (Africa) announces successful completion of Enterprise Optimisation Study for Assmang Managanese Division
29 June 2011
View Document (PDF)

Whittle Consulting to hold first MONEY MINING course in South America
16 June 2011
View Document (PDF)

Successful Growth of Whittle Consulting (Africa)
12 May 2011
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GCR Appoints Whittle Consulting To Create Enterprise Optimisation Model For Copper Hill
11 January 2011
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Whittle Consulting wonders whether miners have learnt their lessons,
Nov 2016
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Mark Jones on how Whittle Consulting can help clients,
Dec 2014
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Whittle Consulting works to help mining companies raise margins,
Dec 2013
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Miners should focus more on cash flow advises Whittle Consulting,
Dec 2012
View Webinar (External Link)

Simultaneous Optimisation by Gerald Whittle,
September 2010
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Activity Based Costing (ABC)

Cost modelling based on activities performed and their relevant cost drivers, plus a distinction between period/fixed and attributable/variable costs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Simulated intelligence in machines.

Big Data

Big Data is a term that describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis.

Brownfield investment

An expansion or development of, or alongside, an existing operation.

Business Improvement (BI)

To undertake activities designed to increase business performance.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

A corporate initiative to assess and take responsibility for the company’s effects on environmental and social wellbeing.

Cross-functional collaboration

A group of people with different functional expertise coming together to work towards a common goal.

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)

A valuation method used to estimate the attractiveness of an investment, by accounting for the time value of money.

Due Diligence (DD)

An investigation or audit of a potential investment to confirm all facts, such as review of all financial records, plus anything else deemed material.

Enduring Licence to Operate

Ongoing positive support and motivation from all stakeholders for the existence of the operation.

Enterprise Optimisation

A single integrated model that consolidates existing knowledge and data from disparate systems.

Feasibility Study (FS)

A Feasibility Study is an indepth report on many of the same topics as a Pre-feasibility Study.

Five Capitals Framework

A framework that captures the effect of a project or operation on financial, manufactured, social, human and natural capital.

Framework Agreement

An agreement with suppliers to establish terms governing contracts that may be awarded during the life of the agreement.

Greenfield investment

Development of an operation where no previous operation exists.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

The first sale of stock issued by a company to the public

Integrated Strategic Planning

A concept of long-term planning which considers all parts of the value chain, all period and all stakeholders.

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

A metric used in capital budgeting measuring the economics of potential investments.


Joint Ore Reserve Committee. The Australian standard for mineral resource and reserve reporting.

Ken Lane

Author of The Economic Definition of Ore: Cut-off Grades in Theory and Practice 1988.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

A set of quantifiable measures that a company or industry uses to gauge or compare performance over time.


Developers of the Lerchs-Grossmann algorithm (LGA) to determine the optimised economically minable pit size and shape.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

A merger happens when two firms agree to go forward as a single new company rather than remain separately owned and operated. When one company takes over another and clearly establishes itself as the new owner the purchase is an acquisition.

NI 43-101

The Canadian standard for mineral resource and reserve reporting.

Net Present Value (NPV)

The sum of discounted cash flows, using an appropriate discount rate which reflects opportunity cost and risk.

Pre-feasibility Study (PFS)

A Pre-feasibility Study is an early stage analysis of a potential mining project.

Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA)

A PEA is a study, other than a Pre-feasibility Study or Feasibility Study, which includes an economic analysis of the potential viability of mineral resources.

Prober E

Whittle Consulting’s proprietary software for optimising mining businesses.

Return on Investment (ROI)

A metric used in capital budgeting measuring the economics of potential investments.

Strategic Assessment

A brief review to determine the potential outcome of a full Enterprise Optimisation study.

Theory of Constraints (TOC)

A concept that views any manageable system as being limited in achieving its goals by a very small number of constraints.