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Optimising open pit & underground mining businesses Whittle Integrated Strategic Planning

Gerald Whittle announces launch of Online Seminars

We have re-developed, adapted and upgraded our 2 day Integrated Strategic Planning seminar to a live, interactive & online format.

What is Integrated Strategic Planning?

This 10-minute video provides a high-level overview of the Whittle Integrated Strategic Planning Process. Gerald Whittle, CEO of Whittle Consulting explains how our approach & methodologies helps to significantly increase NPV and maximise the value of mining operations & projects worldwide.

Activity Based Costing & Theory of Constraints

This 7-minute video provides a detailed explanation of the 2 concepts that underpin the Whittle Consulting approach to Integrated Strategic Planning. These include Activity Based Costing, commonly known as ABC and Theory of Constraints, known as TOC.

Integrated Strategic Planning SEMINAR HIGHLIGHTS

In this 1-minute video, participants share their thoughts & experiences after attending the Whittle Integrated Strategic Planning seminar. MORE INFORMATION

Integrated Strategic Planning SEMINAR FEEDBACK

In this 2-minute video, participants share the learnings obtained at the Whittle Integrated Strategic Planning seminar. MORE INFORMATION


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