Rethinking mining efficiency

Haul trucks have generally gotten bigger over time, reflecting their better economics in most applications. However, the opposite is true when trucks are automated. Resulting in a 31% increase in NPV… 

What do you
want to achieve?

Whittle’s Integrated Strategic Planning is an approach to long-term mine planning which considers all parts of the value chain simultaneously. There are many benefits that can be realised when applying this to your mining project or operation. 

Increase overall cash flow
Copper Project: 59% NPV increase

Increase overall cash flow Copper Project: 59% NPV increase

Bringing cash flow forward
Underground Operation: 37% NPV increase

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Improve cash flow profile

A better cash flow profile increases the economic viability of a mining project or operation. Cash provides security, flexibility and creates options for distributing value to all stakeholders. Read more >

Increase NPV

Net Present Value (NPV) recognises the time value of money. The result of the Whittle Integrated Strategic Planning process has been repeatedly proven to enhance the economics of a mining business from 5%-35%. Read more >

Achieve sustainable operations

Not all stakeholder values are monetary. Whittle Integrated Strategic Planning aims to find the balance between financial value and other stakeholder values, to achieve the ultimate sustainability goal of "Enduring Licence to Operate". Learn more about carbon emissions modelling developed within Integrated Strategic Planning by Whittle Consulting. Read more>

Guide investment decisions

A Whittle Enterprise Optimisation model simultaneously optimises the interconnections across the business. This enables quantification of the full effect that the investment combinations will have on the value generated by the whole system. The result is the proper ranking and prioritisation of investment decisions. Read more >

Raise finance

The ability to raise finance and the calibration (dilution) involved is directly driven by the strength of the business case being presented. Whittle Integrated Strategic Planning ensures you are putting the best case forward to enhance expected financial outcomes, sustainability and an appreciation of the risk and opportunities involved. Read more >

What is Integrated Strategic Planning?

Whittle Integrated Strategic Planning is a concept of long-term planning which considers all parts of the value chain, all periods and all stakeholders. Read more >

One team one goal

Whittle Integrated Strategic Planning achieves mental alignment across your technical, operational and management teams.

The 10 Steps of a Whittle Enteprise Optimisation Model



Based on a “Net Value” view of the orebody and what waste stripping or development is required. Consider what should be in or out of the mine design to maximise value.



Optimising the pushback design to provide early access to high-value material and defer waste/development costs.


Mine Schedule

The sequence and rate of mine production, delaying waste/development and prioritising value without compromising the future of the operation.


Cut-off Grade

Based on “Net Value per Bottleneck Unit” not “grades”. Raising the cut-off grade above break-even on a dynamic basis can substantially increase economic value.



Deferring rather than wasting lower value material. This mechanism prioritises value, provides operational flexibility and creates commercial options.



Controlling the range of certain characteristics for the plant feed or the product is a function of time and place. What are the operational or commercial penalties and rewards for hard vs soft blending limits?



Varying plant throughput will have a significant impact on recoveries and processing costs.


Product Mix & Specification

A range of products could be produced over time with a significant impact on recovery, transportation costs and product commercial terms.



Adjusting capacity to pursue margin rather than cost minimisation. More costly logistics, used under the right circumstances, can produce increased overall value.



Capital decisions should not be made in isolation. With dozens of interrelated capital decisions, the matrix to explore can be substantial and the financial benefits significant.


Start by attending a seminar

The Whittle Integrated Strategic Planning seminar has been attended by over 5,000 senior mining executives. Learn how to improve mine valuation by simultaneously optimising the whole value chain.

Ivanhoe, Platreef

Revenue and cashflow were brought forward, NPV was significantly enhanced and the
location of the most profitable ore body in the South African project was determined by Whittle Consulting.

“Despite lower metal prices used in the definitive feasibility study compared to the 2015 pre-feasibility study, we have maintained the excellent economics of the Platreef Project due, in part, to the mine optimisation work completed with assistance from industry-leading experts, such as Whittle Consulting of Melbourne, Australia. Even at today’s spot metal prices, the Platreef Project would generate an operating margin in excess of 40%.”

Robert Friedland, Executive Chairman, Ivanhoe Mines