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Whittle Consulting

Specialists in Integrated Strategic Planning for the mining industry

Whittle Consulting is a team of highly experienced industry specialists, who are passionate about adding value to mining businesses.

With technical expertise in a range of disciplines including geology, mining engineering, metallurgy, research, mathematics, computing, finance, operational/financial modelling and analysis, Whittle Consulting has a thorough appreciation of practical, organisational and contextual reality.

As experts in embracing and harnessing complexity, Whittle Consulting is not bound by traditional thinking. By challenging existing paradigms and conventional wisdom, the real potential of a mining business is revealed.

Since 1999, Whittle Consulting has conducted over 180 Whittle Enterprise Optimisation studies around the world. These have repeatedly demonstrated that the comprehensive application of Whittle Integrated Strategic Planning and the concepts from the highly regarded Integrated Strategic Planning Seminar improves the economics of a mining project or operation from 5 %-35%, and in many cases substantially more. These results are achieved even after conventional mining optimisation techniques have been applied.

Whittle Consulting operates worldwide and is represented in Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, South Africa, Chile, Peru and Indonesia.

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The Whittle Consulting difference

Whittle Consulting are the experts in mining optimisation.

With over 35 years of experience in the development, application and analysis of specialised mining optimisation tools, Whittle Consulting knows the industry and can take the knowledge and value of a mining business to an exciting new level. This understanding can enhance the economics of a mining project or operation from 5%-35%, and in many cases substantially more. These results occur even when other conventional optimisation techniques have already been applied.

Jeff Whittle (AO), has been the pioneer in the application of techniques such as pit optimisation, mine design optimisation, scheduling, cut-off grade and strategic mine planning. Jeff Whittle was the originator of what is now the GEOVIA software, as well as being the author of Prober-E. Currently, there are over 2,000 GEOVIA Whittle software licenses in use by mining, exploration, consultant and academic customers around the world. Whittle software is considered to be an industry standard within the international mining community.

Whittle Consulting and Prober-E deliver even greater value for mining businesses for the benefit of shareholders, local communities, employees, governments and the environment. The financial benefit of the Whittle Consulting approach is measured in billions of dollars worldwide.

“Despite lower metal prices used in the definitive feasibility study compared to the 2015 pre-feasibility study, we have maintained the excellent economics of the Platreef Project due, in part, to the mine optimisation work completed with assistance from industry-leading experts, such as Whittle Consulting of Melbourne, Australia. Even at today’s spot metal prices, the Platreef Project would generate an operating margin in excess of 40%.”

Robert Friedland, Executive Chairman, Ivanhoe Mines

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Where does Whittle Consulting fit in?

The Whittle Consulting service offering is distinguished by being both whole of business/financial and mining industry specific.

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Our Clients

Whittle Consulting operates worldwide

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The Whittle Story – A Live Book

We warmly welcome you to the Whittle Story!

The history of the Whittle Mining Optimisation Software is a uniquely Australian story of intellectual creativity, invention and a great deal of hard work. It is also a human story, which centres around one special individual, Jeff Whittle, his family and a growing number of talented individuals who have developed a new industry out of a wonderful idea. Written in the voices of the people who have participated, the “Live Book” is our attempt to record for posterity this special story.

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What is Integrated Strategic Planning?

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