Case Studies of Simultaneous Mining & Mineral Processing Optimization Applied to Platinum & Nickel Operations

Steve Burks, The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Platinum Conference, 01/09/2012 View Document (PDF)

Enterprise Optimisation

Gerald Whittle, MPES Conference, 01/12/2010 View Document (PDF)

Simultaneous Mining & Mineral Processing Enterprise Optimization for the Platinum Industry

Gerald Whittle & Steve Burks, presented at The 4th International Platinum Conference, 01/10/2010 View Document (PDF)

Misguided Objectives That Destroy Value

The Orebody Modelling & Strategic Mine Planning Conference, 01/03/2009 View Document (PDF)

Cut-off Grade Optimisation

Gerald Whittle, Jeff Whittle, 01/02/2007 View Document (PDF)

Optimising Project Value and Robustness

Gerald Whittle, Wayne Stange and Norm Hanson, AusIMM Project Evaluation, 01/06/2007 View Document (PDF)

Global Long-Term Optimisation of Very Large Mining Complexes

Jeff Whittle, Gerald Whittle, 01/06/2007 View Document (PDF)

Blending Numerous Feeds for Optimum Autoclave Throughput – Miners working with Metallurgists

Mark Laing, Gerald Whittle, 01/08/2005 View Document (PDF)

Global Asset Optimisation

Gerald Whittle, Orebody Modelling and Strategic Mine Planning Symposium – Perth, 01/11/2004 View Document (PDF)

Facts and Fallacies of Pit Optimisation

Jeff Whittle, 01/01/1989 View Document (PDF)

Complete Directory of papers from the “Optimising with Whittle” 1995, 1997 & 1999 Conferences