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Our mining optimisation software – Prober-E

Prober-E is a unique & highly sophisticated proprietary mine software system developed & used by Whittle Consulting for Enterprise Optimisation.

All 10 Steps of a Whittle Enterprise Optimisation model are interrelated and therefore must be considered simultaneously. The mathematical permutations quickly become exponential to the point that simulation techniques alone cannot cope. Sophisticated optimisation is therefore required, which Prober-E achieves.

Whittle Consulting has over 35 years experience in the mining industry. Starting with the Whittle Pit Optimiser software, Whittle Consulting has since developed software to control every aspect of the mining business, from the mineral resource through to cash flow.

Prober-E is the most advanced optimisation mining software available for the mining industry. It is a proprietary multi-thread, cloud-enabled, non-linear, multi-variable, simultaneous mine optimiser. Prober-E has the power to resolve the largest and most complex Enterprise Optimisation models. This allows Whittle Consulting to harness the substantial knowledge, understanding and data that already exists within the mining organisation without having to compromise on detail.

Once the Prober-E mine software system is set up, you can run multiple scenarios quickly. With Prober-E, Whittle Consulting can evaluate dozens of scenarios in weeks, not months, and thoroughly consider how the options will affect your business.

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“I recognised that Whittle had a great process but importantly, the right tool to do the job. Prober-E is that tool. Without it, Integrated Strategic Planning and the optimisation of the entire enterprise simply would not be possible.”

Tim Duffy,  President Director & Managing Director, Agincourt Resources

The evolution of Whittle Optimisation software

The most powerful mining optimisation software in existence.

Whittle Enterprise Optimisation is the culmination of 35 years of development by Jeff Whittle (AO), the founder of Whittle Consulting.

 Whittle Programming (Gemcom/GEOVIA since 2001)

  • 1985 – Whittle “Three-D” pit optimisation (Lerchs-Grossmann1965)
  • 1986 – Whittle “Four-D” nested pits, basic scheduling
  • 1995 – “Opti-Cut/SPCO” (Ken Lane 1988)
  • 1997 – Whittle “Four-X” advanced analysis
  • 1998 – “Milawa” mine scheduling algorithm

Software packages typically used by owners and mining consultants for mining optimisation.

A version of Prober-B Software released late-2016 to general market via GEOVIA Whittle.

Whittle Consulting Pty Ltd

  • 1999 “Z3” multi-pit blending scheduler
  • 2003 “Prober-A” multi pit/underground, processing, products
  • 2006 “Prober-B” the “Global Optimiser”
  • 2008 “Prober-64 bit”, unlimited dimensions, capital
  • 2009 “Enterprise Optimisation”, complete value chain optimisation
  • 2010 “Enterprise Optimisation“+ “Prober-C” more sophisticated modelling
  • 2014 Prober-C + Evolutionary Solver
  • 2015 Prober-E (C++)
  • 2016 Cloud Processing

Enterprise Optimisation including TOC and ABC available only through Whittle Consulting.

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