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Money Mining Workshop

Money Mining

Integrated Strategic Planning & Optimisation

 Two Day Workshop presented by Whittle Consulting

Integrated Strategic Planning is the next standard in business practice for the mining industry. Able to be used on all mines at any stage you will gain specific benefit if you are:

  • Making a large capital decision
  • Looking to raise finance or refinance
  • Planning expansions
  • At the PFS or FS stage
  • Operating distressed or low performing asset
  • Making any key decisions for your operation

In this workshop, you will discover how Integrated Strategic Planning

  • has large advantages over siloed planning
  • enables greater visibility of the entire mining operation from resource through to market
  • provides data driven information to inform all decision making
  • increases the value of a minerals business by at least 15% or more


After 30 years in Strategic Mine Planning, Whittle Consulting has been responsible for some of the major advances in mining operations. From the original development of the now industry standard Whittle Pit Optimiser to the recently launched GEOVIA Whittle™ 7.7 Software Release, the Whittle name is synonymous with advancement in the mining industry.

This workshop takes you through the most recent advances in Integrated Strategic Planning and Enterprise Optimisation, now practiced in over 150 mining operations around the globe. From the identification of optimisation within each silo of a mining operation to optimising the entire operation from the resource through to the market. The Whittle Integrated Strategic Planning process is thoroughly engaging and all-consuming in the implications it has for mining operations around the world.


Gerald Whittle – Managing Director, Whittle Consulting

An experienced CFO, accountant, and business and change manager. Thought leader on the Integrated Strategic Planning and optimisation techniques. Previously worked for DHL and General Motors Australia:

  • Over 30 years of experience in business planning, analysis and change management
  • Over the last 15 years, has worked closely with Jeff Whittle, the originator of Whittle Mining Optimisation Software

”It is no exaggeration to say that the techniques presented constitute one of the most significant innovations that I have seen in almost 30 years of experience in the mining industry.“

Peter Knights – Professor of Mining, University of Queensland.

Introducing incites that are sometimes counter intuitive, Gerald Whittle’s engaging and challenging workshop will:

  • Introduce you to the Integrated Strategic Planning process
  • Provide refreshing insights into how mining companies generate cash, and why they so often fail to do so
  • Describe in detail the simultaneous optimisation of the whole value chain: mining, mineral processing, logistics, production and capital
  • Explain planning and optimisation with geological uncertainty and volatile metal markets
  • Operational and cost modelling techniques for optimisation
  • Theory of constraints for mining
  • Implementing an effective planning process
  • Provide examples of how the process is being used around the world and the results being achieved.

Effective long term planning can enhance the value of a minerals business by at least 15% and often significantly more. This seminar details an optimisation methodology that involves 10 distinct mechanisms. which can produce extraordinary results and challenge conventional thinking on how to run a mining and mineral processing business. Covering the latest developments in optimisation methods, the subjects span mine design and scheduling, cut-off grades and stockpiling, plant configuration, product specification, logistics and capital scaling, strategic optimisation and modelling techniques, theory of constraints as it applied to a minerals business, advanced cost modelling, and implementation/change-management. The result is a comprehensive approach to asset management.

Who should attend

Open to all who want to learn this workshop is especially designed for:

  • Senior executives
  • Department, divisional or project managers
  • Geologists
  • Mining engineers
  • Process engineers and metallurgists
  • Logistics managers
  • Professionals who are currently, or will be, involved in the technical aspects of optimisation analysis
  • Institutional investors in mining funds, Financial analysts, Project financiers

Note: This is not a software course but a strategic integration and optimisation learning experience.

The workshop is especially beneficial if two or more of your team attend but individuals are of course always welcome. Second and third attendees from one company receive a 50% discount on registration.

Seminar Dates 2017

23 & 24 March Perth, Australia Registrations Closed
29 & 30 March Jakarta, Indonesia Registrations Closed
15 & 16 May London, UK Registrations Closed
29 & 30 May Johannesburg, South Africa Registrations Closed
26 & 27 June Toronto, Canada Registrations Closed
29 & 30 June Denver, USA Registrations Closed
10 & 11 July Lima, Peru Registrations Closed
2 & 3 August Brisbane, Australia Online Registration
5 & 6 October Vancouver, Canada Online Registration
24 & 25 October Perth, Australia Online Registration

How to register

Enquiries to Stephanie Jones on +61 3 9898 1755 or or register your interest via the form below:

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Seminar Outline Day One


  • Introductions/Objectives/Participation/Workbooks
  • The “MONEY MINING” philosophy
  • The “SUSTAINABILTY” framework
  • Defining Value – NPV
  • Pros and Cons of NPV


Open Pit Case Study: Introduction

  1. 0. Base Case life of mine plan
  2. 1. Pit optimisation: Lerchs-Grossman
  3. 2. Phase/pushback selection
  4. 3. Mine schedule
  5. 4. Cut-off grade: Ken Lane
  6. 5. Stockpiles
  7. 6. Blending


  1. 7. Process plant calibration (grind/throughput/recovery)
  2. 8. Product specification
  3. 9. Logistics
  4. 10. Capital scaling Implications


  • Grade tonnage curves
  • Stope design criteria
  • Mine scheduling
  • Variable cut-off strategies
  • Maximizing value


Seminar Outline Day Two

Recap Day 1


  • Types of cost accounting
  • Traditional Fixed/variable/capital costs
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Identifying attributable, period, capital costs
  • Frontline, support, backline activities
  • Examples


  • The production line, impact of bottlenecks
  • Theory of Constraints: Eli Goldratt
  • Mining case study
  • Recommendation 1: Defining constraints
  • Recommendation 2: Treatment of period costs
  • Recommendation 3: Grade control methodology/Grade Bins


  • The “Five Capitals”– Sustainable Development Balance Sheet
  • SUSOP – Sustainable Operations
  • Integrating EO/SUSOP


  • Sources of uncertainty
  • Modelling uncertainty
  • Measuring the impact of uncertainty
  • Monte Carlo and Optimisation
  • Real Options
  • Hedging


  • Technical barriers – data, software
  • Organisational/human barriers – “It’s a Minefield”
  • Strategic to Tactical operational considerations
  • The ideal planning process – when and how
  • Where to next?