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Prober E

Prober E – Integrated Strategic Planning Software

The most advanced optimisation software ever, from the experts in Integrated Strategic Planning.

Build a unique model that grows as your operation grows.

Once the software is set up, you can revisit the data any time to understand changes in your process, costs of markets. Captures more variables than any other software.

Prober E is the most advanced optimisation software available to the mining industry, allowing Whittle Consulting to explore mine complexity, optimising even the largest and most complex multi-variable, non-linear problems that mining presents.

Model Your Operation with Prober E

Each mining project or operation has unique variables and so each requires a unique Enterprise Optimisation model built on the Prober E platform. With Prober E, Whittle Consulting can evaluate dozens of scenarios in weeks, not months and thoroughly assess how all the options will affect your operation.

Once a model is constructed it may be revisited at any time to understand changes in your ore body, process, costs or market environment. You can thoroughly consider every decision you make and understand the implications of your profitability.

As your operation changes and develops in understanding and complexity, so does your Prober E model. This powerful tool grows as your operation grows and enables you to consider complexity as never before.

The most powerful software to optimise the most complex mining business

“Prober E is the only tool that could possibly do this job. It is the lynchpin for any complete and comprehensive modelling scenario.”

Evolution of Whittle Optimisation software

Jeff Whittle is the optimisation expert with over 30 years in the mining industry. He developed the original Whittle Pit Optimiser software in 1984. Continuing with and developing this proud heritage, Whittle Consulting now has the software to evaluate every aspect of the mining value chain, from the mineral resource through to the market.

Whittle Programming (Gemcom/Geovia since 2001)

1984 – Whittle “Three-D” pit optimisation (Lerchs-Grossman1965)
1986 – Whittle “Four-D” nested pits, basic scheduling
1988 – Whittle “Four-X” advanced analysis
1995 – “Opti-cut” cut-off grade and stockpiling (Ken Lane 1988)
1998 – “Milawa” mine scheduling algorithm

Whittle Consulting Pty Ltd

1999 – “Z3” multi-pit blending scheduler
2003 – “Prober A” multi pit/underground, processing, products
2006 – “Prober B” the “Global Optimiser”
2008 – “Prober 64 bit”, unlimited dimensions, capital
2009 – “Enterprise Optimisation”, complete value chain optimisation
2010 – “Enterprise Optimisation“ + “Prober C” more sophisticated modelling
2014 – Prober C + Evolutionary Solver
2015 – Prober E (C++)
2016 – Cloud Processing

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